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Basic Scope and Sequence:

Lab safety and equipment
Matter and Energy - 14 STAAR questions
Force, Motion and Energy- 12 STAAR questions
Earth and Space- 14 STAAR questions
Organisms and the Environment- 14 STAAR questions

Topics for first 9 weeks:
Week 1: Welcome, lab safety and scientific method
Week 2:  Scientific method and 8.5 A Atoms
Week 3: Atoms and 8.5B ( reactivity and chemical properties)
Week 4: 8.5C ( Periodic Table) 
Week 5: 8.5D ( Counting Atoms)
Week 6: 8.5F (balancing equations) and 6.5C ( elements vs compounds)
Week 7: continue from week 6
Week8:  8.5F, 6.6A, 6.6B, 6.6C

2nd 9 weeks- begins October 18
Week 1: 8.5E- Investigate chemical reactions and 7.6B chemical and physical changes
Week 2: Finish up week 1 and begin 8.6A unbalanced forces and 8.6B speed, velocity and acceleration: review 6.8C
Week 3:  Continue from week 2 and review 6.8A,D
Week 4: 8.6 C Newtons Laws
Week 5: 8.6C Newtons Law and Benchmark
Week 6: Thanksgiving Break
Week 7: Complete 8.6C  Review 7.7A- Work, 
Week 8: Test on Force, Motion and Energy Unit
Week 9: Begin 8.9A, B Plate Tectonics
Christmas Break!!

3RD 9 Weeks
Week 1:  PLate tectonics
Week 2: 8.9C Topography Maps
Week 3: Exam on Plate Tectonics and Begin 8.11 A food Webs
Week 4: 8.11A Exam, begin 8.11B
Week 5: Begin 8.11C and D
Week 6: Ecology exam and begin 8.7A day, night, seasons
Week 7: 8.7A, 8.7B moon phases... oreo moon phase lab
Week 8: 8.8C-tides
Week 9: 8.8A star lifecycle
Week 10- continue from week 9 and 8.8B
Week 11 8.8A and 8.8C, 8.8D
Spring Break!!!

4th 9 weeks
Week 1: 8.10A-C ocean currents, weather, hurricane formation. Review 7.8 C ground water 
Week 2: Continue from week 1: middle school staar testing
Week 3: The whole month of April we will begin STAAR reviewing


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