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Edgewood High School-
Introduction to Culinary Arts Course Syllabus

Teacher: Ms. Guill Room 215

Contact Information: 903-896-4223 ext-8112


Course Description:

This course includes an introduction to sanitation and safety, proper tool and equipment use, introductory food preparation, support services, introductory baking, introductory dining room service, all of which is done in a variety of food service settings at a slow pace for an easy transition into the program. Students are encouraged to be productive, caring of the quality of their work, and responsible with equipment and supplies. The exploratory program also introduces the students to the hospitality industry. In addition to culinary art skills the program introduces related math and Skills USA employability skills, respect for class members, instructors, promoting a team environment, proper sanitation / personal hygiene, personal safety, as well as the safety of each guest.


Content Lessons:

Structure of the Food Service Industry

Careers in the Culinary Industry

Customer Service in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Technology & Restaurants

Marketing & the Food Industry

Kitchen Equipment

Food Math & Measurements

Chemical Processes in Food Science

Scientific Principles: Chemical Properties

Food Quality & Palatability Factors

Introduction to Culinary Techniques & Methods

Fruits & Vegetables

Desserts & Baked Goods

Grains, Legumes & Pastas

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Global Cuisine: Asia

Global Cuisine: Central America & Caribbean

Global Cuisine: Europe

Global Cuisine: Mediterranean

Global Cuisine: Middle East

Global Cuisine: North America

Global Cuisine: South America

Food Industry Safety

Sanitation & Safety Procedures in Food Production

It’s Alive!: Foodborne Illnesses

Principles of HACCP: Introduction

Principles of HACCP: Identifying Hazards in Food Processing

Principles of HACCP: Conducting a Hazard Analysis

Principles of HACCP: Identifying Critical Control Points

Principles of HACCP: Establishing & Monitoring Critical Limits

Principles of HACCP: Establishing Verification Procedures

Principles of HACCP: Record-keeping

Principles of HACCP: Ground Beef HACCP Plan

First Aid Basics

Personal Development: Self-Esteem

Dressing, Emily Post Style

Eating with Emily Post


Grading Policy:

Work is due on the assigned date. Late work: 30 points off for the first day, 50 points off the second day, and the third day work will not be accepted. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student and should be obtained upon returning to school. If you are absent you need to find your work in the missed class bin.

The following grading scale will be used:

Test/Projects: 50%

Daily work & Quizzes: 50%

Supply List :

1. Spiral Notebook ( any color)

2. 3 Brad/Prong folder (any color)

3. Blue or black ink pens/pencils 4. Kleenex 5. Germ-X

Classroom Rules:

1. Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn EVERYDAY.

2. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students, and yourself.

3.Be responsible for your own learning.

4. Clean up after yourself and your peers.

5. Keep all personal electronics PUT AWAY. 6.No “Spinners” allowed in class AT ALL!

Procedures: 1. Everyone retrieve their journals once they enter the room.

2.All students should be seated once the bell rings.

3. Students should answer the bell ringer in their journal for that day.

4.Write your name and the date on all assignments,notes, and projects.

5. All finished or missed work will be places in the back of the room in the designated bins.

6. In order to leave class, you must sign out and have a pass

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