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Grading Guidelines


There will be a minimum of 12 daily grades each grading period. These grades may come from class activities, homework, vocabulary assignments, and their math journal.  Assignments will be due at the beginning of class the following day unless I tell the students otherwise.  Work that is not turned in when collected it will be counted late.


There will be a minimum of 4 test grades given each grading period.  Test grades may come from pop quizzes, unit tests, CBAs and their math journal.  


Journals will be used daily for warm-ups, note-taking, and handouts. I will collect journals once each grading period for a grade.


Any failing daily grade may be corrected for up to a 70.  Any test/quiz, regardless of the grade, may be corrected. Test corrections will earn the student half of the points they lost. (For example, Student A receives a 40 on a quiz. She makes corrections and receives half the points she lost, bringing her test grade up to a 70.) Corrections may be done at any time, up to three school days prior to the end of the grading period for which the assignment/test applies. This ensures I have time to get the corrections re-graded and the student's grades updated before the period ends. It is up to the student to complete corrections on their own time.

Make-up Work

If a student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to check with me for any make-up work. Students will receive the same number of days as their absence to complete the make up work.

Late Work **changed 3/20/18

I have decided to change my late policy for a number of reasons. The new late policy is this:

I will accept work late without penalty. Students turning work in late for any reason (failure to turn in on time, absence, etc.) will use my key to grade the assignment and turn it in to me graded. It will be considered a missing grade (calculated as a 0) until it is turned in.

Every 2 weeks at the end of the week (3/29, 4/13, 4/27, and 5/11) I will pull a missing grade report. Students who have 2 or more missing assignments will be flagged. I will call/email parents and write an office referral for those students at that time.

Please note: Assignments not turned in will accumulate. For example, if you have 2 missing assignments today (3/29) a call has been made and a referral written. If you still fail to get those 2 assignments turned in, when I pull the report on 4/13 those 2 assignments will show up again and you will receive another office referral. Please make every effort to get the assignments caught up as quickly as possible to avoid this consequence. An extra copy of the assignment will be provided if requested.

Nine week averages: Daily average - 70%   Test average   - 30%

Updated: March 29, 2018

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