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Spelling Words for February 5-16, 2018
Spelling Test will be Friday, February 16, 2018

Spelling Words and Definitions (since they are homophones):


Died - to stop living; become dead.

Dyed - a substance that is used to give color to cloth, hair, or other materials.

Pain - physical hurt or discomfort that is usually caused by injury or illness.

Pane - a sheet of glass in a window or door.

Waste - to use or spend in a careless way or for little or no return.

Waist -the part of the human body between the chest and hips.

Mane - the long hair on the back and sides of the neck of horses, lions, and other animals.

Main - most important; chief; primary.

Sole - the only one; exclusive

Soul - the part of human beings separate from the physical body that is thought of as the center of feeling, thought, and spirit.

Haul - to pull or drag with force.

Hall - a narrow passageway in a building

Current - of or happening in the present time.

Currant - a small raisin with no seeds.

Idle - not active or in use; not working.

Idol - a statue or image of a god that is used as an object of worship.

Stable - fixed, firm, or steady in position OR a building where animals such as horses or cows are kept and fed

Vault - an arch made of stone, brick, or concrete that forms a roof or ceiling OR to jump, leap, or spring over, using the hands or a pole as a support

Wound - a cut or other injury to a part of the body OR to follow or to have a bending or turning course

Bound - held by ties or fastened by bands OR to leap; spring

Challenge Words

Coax - to get someone to do something by gentle urging.

Escorted - to travel with someone to protect, guide, or guard that person, or to show respect.

Navigate - to plan, manage, or control the course of.

Perished - to die or be destroyed by violence or in some other way that is not natural

Ushered - to lead, escort, or show

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