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Business English Portfolio Project
College* & Career Research

* For the purposes of this project, college here is defined as any post-secondary education and/or training needed for career development. This can include, but is not limited to certificate programs, vocational training, 2 and 4 year degree programs, military training, and internships.

Project Overview
Students will use research skills to locate career paths that are of interest to them. They will specifically look for information concerning required education and skills, average salary, benefits, and job growth prospects. Further, they will take specific note of colleges, universities, and technical/trade schools which offer programs designed for successful entry into these career paths. They will look for information concerning admissions requirements, tuition costs, average enrollment, and program completion rates.

Project Delivery Methods
Students will deliver...
-- Oral and visual presentation in the form of: brochure, poster, multimedia presentation, etc. of their initial research findings. They will present it to the class and explain their findings in detail.

-- 3 - 6 page research paper.

-- Entire portfolio in a 3-ring binder.

Essential Question for the Project
What is the American Dream, and is it attainable for every member of society?

Learning Objectives
--Scan a passage to determine whether a text contains relevant information.
--Distinguish between apparent fact and opinion in nonfiction texts.
--Analyze and synthesize the concepts and details in informational texts.
--Explain how new information from a text changes personal knowledge.
--Develop an appropriate strategy for finding information on a particular topic.
--Use referencing while doing research.
--Identify and use library information services.
--Use search engines and other internet resources to do research.
--Locate, summarize, and synthesize information from primary and secondary sources
--Use written and verbal communication skills to develop and report research findings

Click here to view the full project instructions and details (PDF).

This project will count as two (2) test grades during the 4th 9-weeks period

Research Paper (50% of total project grade)

Outline - up to 5 points
Draft edited by another English teacher - up to 15 points
Final draft - up to 30 points

Portfolio (50% of total project grade)

KWL Graphic Organizer - up to 5 points
Printouts from career & college web sites - up to 10 points
Career & College Graphic Organizers - up to 5 points (2.5 points each)
Evidence of Primary Source - up to 10 points
Evidence of contact with schools and students/admissions rep - up to 10 points
Copy of unofficial HS transcript - 2.5 points (receives full points value or 0 points if not included)
Completed pages of the ApplyTexas profile - 5 points (receives full points value or 0 points if not included)

**The visual & oral presentation will be a separate DAILY GRADE and will not factor into the overall portfolio grade.

Research Project Due Dates

Due Date  Item
February 23  3 Ring Binder for Project Materials
February 23 Complete K & W Portions of KWL Chart
March 9   Career Choice Graphic Organizer
March 9  College Choice Graphic Organizer
March 23 Write letter, email, or call to request college info
March 23 Identify Primary Research Form
March 23 Begin to identify other sources for research
April 6  Locate student or admissions rep from chosen college and interview him/her
April 13 Visual Presentation (materials due)
April 16, 17, 18 (if needed)  Class Presentations of Visuals
April 20 Research Paper Outline
April 20 Begin drafting research paper
 May 4 Get 1st draft of research edited by another English teacher
May 4 Obtain unofficial HS transcript from office
May 4 Create profile on (in class)
May 18 Submit final draft of research paper
May 18 Complete L section of KWL chart
May 23 Submit entire portfolio


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