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I am very consistent and hold high expectations for your child both academically and socially. They will be expected to adhere by our classroom and school rules.

Everyone and everything in our classroom has a place. Every child will be responsible for their own materials and we will work as a team to keep our classroom clean and organized at all times, to limit chaos and distractions, as well as fostering a sense of responsibility.

Our Classroom Rules:

  1. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Raise your hand to speak or get out of chair.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
  4. Please RESPECT your classmates and teacher.
  5. Good choices, Good things happen.
  6. Bad Choices, Bad things happen.

Radical Rewards:

Turn in homework on-time, you will put your initials on the Classroom Homework Bingo board. Once the board has been completely filled, I will have a drawing.

If you don't move any sticks,  you get a punch on your Good Behavior card. Once you fill it up, you get in the treasure box.

Daily Assignments:

100's on daily assignments, you will receive a sticker to put on your sticker chart. Once you fill it up, you receive a homework pass.

Our Classroom Consequences:

  1. Warning-Verbal Redirection
  2. Five Minute Time out from recess
  3. Ten Minute Time out from recess
  4. No recess-Note sent home
  • If behavior persists, child will be referred to the principal

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