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AR Information

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about our AR (accelerated reader) program in first grade.   It is a program where students read books and take test over them on the computer. Most books in first grade are worth half a point.  The students will earn points on tests they take and will also get a percentage (average grade on all tests taken). I use AR in the classroom to help my students be motivated to read. The more reading practice they have the better readers they will become. At this grade level AR is a program that gets students wanting to read! It works on comprehension and gives them lots of independent reading practice.  In the first six weeks I will slowly be introducing the students to AR. It takes some time showing them how to log on and take a test.  In first grade we do not make them have a certain amount of points, but we do want them to have a good average (85 or higher) on their AR test.  This shows us that they comprehend what they are reading. In my classroom I want students to understand the importance of reading. We read to learn, we read for fun, and we read to understand.  I want AR to help enforce these concepts and make reading fun for everyone!

         Every student has a cat in the hat, hat (cat's hat).  When they take an AR test and make an 80 or higher they get to put a sticker on their cat's hat.  Every ten stickers they get, they earn a reward (rewards attached).  They love this! It really motivates them to read and take AR test. Reading becomes fun to them and they want to do it.  Students get to read AR books when they are finished with work during class and they have 30 minutes of just AR reading time everyday. There are a lot of AR books in the classroom for them to read.   I love the cat's hats because every student can work at their own ability. No one is forced to read just motivated to read!

         You can help your child earn AR points by reading at home.  Every week they will get a library book that is on AR.  It’s very important that you practice reading with your child at home.  Make it fun, possibly something you do before bedtime together. In class I always make the students read a book three times before they take an AR test.  This helps them comprehend it better and works on fluency. Reading the book more than once is also a good thing to make them do at home.  The more reading practice your child gets the better reader they will become!! Their library book is a good resource for reading at home. They can read it at home with your help, and then come to school and take an AR test over it.  It is an easy way to help them practice reading and earn more rewards for it. Another resource for practicing reading at home is your child’s home reader. After the first six weeks, I will be sending home your child’s home reader with a note explaining how home readers work. Home readers will help your child have lots of reading practice and will help them work towards their AR goals. You also may have AR books at home.  You can find out if they are on AR by going to They can read any AR book at home and come to school and take a test on it.  To take a test they need to know the title and the author’s name (can bring book to school or write it down).  Students can only take tests on books that are on the program.

         I will be sending home a website that you can get on at home to check your child’s AR.  It will show you how many points they have, their percentage, and what books they have read and tested over. It’s a great way to see how your child is doing on AR.  Please be patient and remember your child is just learning to read, so AR starts off slowly. The better readers they become the more they will read.  I hope this helps you understand how AR is used in first grade.  Together we can make reading fun!!!


Mrs. Conley


10 BOOKS= Popsicle

20 BOOKS= Homework Pass

30 BOOKS=juice box

40 BOOKS= popcorn

50 BOOKS= Paint a Picture


Once they have filled up their cat's hat, they get to take it home and start all over with a new color of cat's hat! Your child may fill up five or more cat's hats before the end of first grade! Wow!

The biggest goal your child may work towards is becoming principal for the day.  To earn this your child must have 100 AR points at the end of first grade.  This takes lots of hard work but can be done.  Let’s motivate students to read!

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