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Class Information
Class Syllabus
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English I/Pre AP English I Syllabus

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Grading Policies
Grades will be calculated according to the following categories and percentages:

English I & English Lab
Daily work - 50% Tests, Quizzes, and Projects - 50%

Pre AP English I
Daily work - 40% Tests, Quizzes and Projects - 60%

Late work should be avoided whenever possible.  Any assignment submitted late will be graded according to the following policy:

1 day late – Highest possible grade = 70

2 days late – Highest possible grade = 50 More than 2 days late – assignments will not be accepted and will result in a zero

*Be advised that if an assignment is due at the beginning of class, turning it in later that period or the same day still constitutes the 1 day penalty.  

If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain missed assignments and notes. Assignments that were due the day of an absence are due the day the student returns to class. I will not remind students to turn in missed work. Assignments turned in incomplete will receive a zero. Daily grades are not subject to corrections or a "re-do" to improve the original grade. If a student misses a quiz or test, he/she is responsible for making it up.  Test and quiz make-ups are given on a prearranged day if taken before or after school. Students may also use the daily tutorial period to complete any missed work.  Test make-ups and retests (for students receiving a failing test grade) must be completed within one week. Retests will be graded with the intent of checking for mastery of the originally-tested material; however, the highest possible grade on any retest is a 70.

Projects and presentations will be assigned at different times throughout the year.  Students will receive detailed specifications regarding content and time frame; therefore, these projects are subject to a modified late work policy.  This policy will be detailed in the time frame specifications when assigned.  All projects will count as test grades. Last updated: Friday, 1/12/2018

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