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Welcome to Coach Byrd's 6th Grade Social Studies Class!

Room 204

1st Period      8:00-8:45         Social Studies

2nd Period     8:50-9:35         Social Studies

3rd Period      9:39-10:24       Social Studies

4th Period      10:28-11:13     Social Studies

5th Period      11:17-12:02     HS Athletics 

6th Period      12:36-1:21       Conference 

Tutorials         1:24-1:54

7th Period      2:01-2:46         Social Studies

8th Period      2:50-2:35         MS Athletics

Edgewood Middle School

Syllabus for 6th Grade US History

Instructor:                  Adam Byrd

Room Number:          204

Phone Number:         (903) 896-4332          


Conference:               12:36- 1:21

Course Description:

            In Grade 6, students study people, places, and societies of the contemporary world. Societies for study are from the following regions of the world: Europe, Russia and the Eurasian republics, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Southwest Asia-North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Pacific realm. Students describe the influence of individuals and groups on historical and contemporary events in those societies and identify the locations and geographic characteristics of various societies. Students identify different ways of organizing economic and governmental systems. The concepts of limited and unlimited government are introduced, and students describe the nature of citizenship in various societies. Students compare institutions common to all societies such as government, education, and religious institutions. Students explain how the level of technology affects the development of the various societies and identify different points of view about events. The concept of frame of reference is introduced as an influence on an individual's point of view.

Grading Procedures and Evaluations:

            Test 30% (Chapter tests, Projects)

            Daily Work 70% (Handouts, Quizzes, Notes, Participation)


Contemporary World Cultures (Pearson)

Supplemental Materials:

  1. Blue or Black Pens
  2. Composition Notebook*
  3. Two Pocket Folder*

*Needed by the end of first school week

Classroom Rules:

Students are expected to follow the Edgewood ISD Academic Handbook Code of Conduct. Those I want to stress are:

  • Comply with dress code
  • No food or drink except water
  • Be respectful to all (feelings and materials)
  • Leave the soap opera at the door
  • Never talk negatively about other people including Edgewood Staff
  • Cell phones will be under my discretion
  • Be on time to class.
  • No cheating, plagiarizing included

Other rules that are not above can be added if out of hand. Breaking rules will result in disciplinary action.

Classroom Procedures:

  1. When students arrive they will find the objective and bell ringer to begin class. (Usually key terms or maps)
  2. I will explain the objective and bell ringer if needed. Those who are not working on bell ringer will be dealt with accordingly.
  3. I will take roll then we will check our bell ringer and then start our lesson
  4. From time students enters the classroom until independent practice restroom breaks will not be granted. Go before class. Documented medical conditions are an exception.
  5. Grades will be entered weekly.
  6. Students will raise their hand if they wish to speak
  7. Test will be kept, and daily work and projects will be returned.
  8. Make up work and test will be the responsibility of the student. Make arrangements. Students will be given proper amount time allotted to them if absence from class is excused. Unexcused will not be allowed extra time.
  9. There will be an exit ticket at the end of each class that you will have to give me before you put your materials up for the next class. i.e. matching voc., answering closing question.
  10. I will be reminding you of work that needs to be done or test you should be studying for using REMIND.Text @byrd6th to 904-385-4862

Disciplinary Action:

      Disciplinary action will be taken when rules are broken or classroom procedures are consistently ignored.

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Copy discipline letter and sign by parent
  3. Office referral
  4. Office referral/Contact parents

Extreme situations will be handled according to situation and may skip several steps.


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