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Contact Information

Ms. Burleson
Conference Period:   9:40-10:20
phone:     903-896-4773  ext.8012

Grading Policy

Students will have 2 grades minimum per week in the core subjects: reading, writing, and math.
Students will have 9 grades minimum per 9 week grading period for science and social studies.
We do not have science and social studies in the same week usually.  We have one subject for several weeks then switch.

If your child receives below a 70 on a daily assignment, he/she may correct it.  Each corrected answer will be given 1/2 credit for a grade up to a 70.

Dates for Progress Reports and Report Cards Coming Home

First Grading Period  August 22-October 12
PR: Sept. 14
PR: Oct.  5
RC: Oct.  19

Second Grading Period  October 16-December 20
PR:  Nov. 9
PR:  Dec.  7
RC:  Jan. 11

Third Grading Period  January  8-March 8
PR:  Feb.      1
PR:  Feb.    22
RC:  March  22

Fourth Grading Period March 18-May 30
PR:  April   12
PR:  May     3
RC:  May    30

Student Expectations

Be safe.
Be honest.
Listen carefully.
Use time wisely.
Do your best work.
Bring homework on time.
Raise your hand to talk.
Walk quietly in line.
Clean up after yourself.
Respect other people and their property.
Be at school on time.
Have fun learning!


Have a discussion with the teacher.
Miss some play time.
A note will be sent to parents.
Have a discussion with the principal.

Class Schedule
7:30 breakfast begins
8:00 tardy bell rings

9:38-10:23 PE
10:55-11:25 Lunch
3:35 end of day

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: short vowels  and consonants review (names and sounds/upper and lower case,) coding and sounding out slides (ba, je, ti, etc...)

Vocabulary:  I  to  like  a  see  the  we  go  is  are

Fry Words:  Begins week 2.

**WRITING  Guided story writing "______ The Superhero"
Complete sentences have a subject and predicate, starts with a capital and ends with punctuation such as a period or question mark and has spaces between words.
Rearrange cut up sentences to the correct order of words.

Begins week 2.

Bonus words (add two points each, no penalty if incorrect)
Begins week 3.

Dictation Sentences
Begins week 2.

Different ways to show numbers 0-20: word form, standard form, ten frame, and tally marks (base ten blocks and expanded form added week 2.)


Unit 1 Time For School

Vocabulary-school, group, rule, flag, country, calendar, pledges

UPDATED 8-13-18

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