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Dr. Andy Baker

Superintendent of Schools,
Edgewood ISD


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Hello Bulldog Nation!

We are excited to welcome everyone back for another great school year here in Edgewood ISD! What does "WE ARE EDGEWOOD" mean to you?  To us it means that we as a school district, a faculty, and as a student body take a great deal of PRIDE in our school and community.  It means that as a school district, we will continue to strive to teach our students in a manner that positively reflects the expectations of our Bulldog Community.  It means that as a faculty we will continue to promote high expectations for ourselves and our students.  And for our students, it means that they will act and perform to levels that will make our Bulldog Community proud. 

Welcome Back to 2018-19!




Hello Bulldog Nation!

Spring is off and running strong here in Edgewood ISD!  All of our students and staff are busy-busy-busy with learning and activities!  Please remember to check our website calendar for all our latest updates and activities.  Be safe...choose to make today a GREAT DAY...and Paws Up Edgewood!

Bulldog Safety
Hello Bulldog Nation!  I know your thoughts and prayers are still going out for all the students and campus staff members that have been affected by the latest tragedy in Florida.  Please know that our Edgewood teachers, principals, faculty, and staff continue to review our safety plans and procedures in order to ensure the safest environment possible for our Bulldog Family.   It has always been, and will continue to be our mission to keep our students, staff, and parents as safe as possible at all times.  Stay safe and please continue to keep our extended Florida family in your prayers.  Bulldog Proud! 

Something to Think About!
You can't always control circumstances and you can rarely control how others choose to act...but you can ALWAYS control how YOUR attitude, YOUR approach, YOUR response, and how YOU choose to react.  Making today a GREAT DAY begins with YOU!  Your attitude, your approach, your response...your choice.

Hello Bulldog Nation!

"Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do."  I heard this quote the other day...not sure who said it, but I really like it.  This week let's try to focus on the many things that we can do to make ourselves better and less time on the things that we cannot control.  Have a GREAT week Bulldogs!

Welcome to 2018!
Hello Bulldog Nation and welcome to 2018! On behalf from everyone here at EISD...we hope each of you has a wonderful start to this 2018 year! Go Dogs!

Bulldog "Think About"!
Hello Bulldog Nation! Here is something to think about as we wind down the first semester. "The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled." - Plutarch

Bulldog "Think About"!
Hello Bulldog Nation! Something to think about..."When we give ourselves permission to fail, we, at the same time, give ourselves permission to excel." ~ Eloise Ristad ~ Make it a GREAT day bulldogs...the choice is YOURS!

Hello Bulldog Nation!
Coming together is a beginning...keeping together is progress...working together is success ~ Henry Ford. Hello Bulldog Nation! Remember to look through our latest Bulldog can be found in the above website slides!

Hello Bulldog Nation!
Quick Thought: Zig Ziglar has said, "Your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE, will determine your ALTITUDE!". I agree! It's truly a GREAT day to be a part of Bulldog Nation!

Welcome Back!
Hello Bulldog Nation and welcome back to another school year! Last week's Meet the Teacher and Ice Cream Social were well attended (Thank You!) so everyone was ready to hit the ground running this morning! Thank you for helping this school get off to a TERRIFIC start!! Go Dogs!

Summertime in Bulldog Nation!
Hello Bulldog Nation! Hope everyone is having a great summer break!! Just a quick note to let you know that our staff is working hard this summer to get everything ready for August 21st! Our new HVAC's are receiving their last "tweaks" after carpet has been installed in the High School and Middle School Library...classroom room and hallway floors are currently being refinished...and fresh coats of paint are being applied. Also, a special Bulldog welcome to Mr. Mark Kellogg, our new High School Principal...and to Mrs. Becky Goodwin, our new Intermediate School Principal. Hope everyone has a great July 4th! See you soon!! Go Dogs!

Bulldog Nation!
Hello Bulldog Nation! The last week of school is upon us and our students and staff are finishing out the year STRONG! Please remember to check the website for our end of the year programs and award ceremonies. Don't forget that Thursday, May 26th is our last day of school for the year, and that we will have a 1:00pm Early Release! Looking forward to making our last week of school a GREAT ONE! Go Dogs!

Hello Bulldog Nation...wanted to let everyone know that Edgewood ISD is still collecting donations of bottled water and toiletries here in our Administration Offices. Last weekend's tornados brought a lot of destruction to our community, and while most of our area now has electricity again, many of our neighbors are still in need of help. EISD will continue to accept and deliver donations to the Van Zandt County Disaster Relief Shelter located at the Van Zandt County Fair Grounds. Also, our high school is currently making plans to load up busses for a volunteer clean up day. More information will be forthcoming. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to help our Bulldog Community! PROUD TO BE AN EDGEWOOD BULLDOG!

School Pride
Hello Bulldog Nation! Spring is always a very busy time around EISD. The longer days and warmer weather brings about several student activities to wind down the year. From baseball to UIL academics, from softball to elementary musicals...I continue to be amazed at the levels of PURPLE PRIDE and school spirit our students and community put forth. It truly is a GREAT day to be an Edgewood Bulldog!!

Something to think about...
Something to think about...when presented with criticism, we can choose to reflect or we can choose to justify. Have the knowledge and faith to defend yourself and your actions when necessary, but have the character and strength to reflect on what you can or could have done to improve. From these two choices...only reflection leads to growth!

Make the Positives LOUD!
Bulldog "Think about..." for the day: Make the POSITIVES so loud that the negatives can't be heard! Make it a positive day...the choice is YOUR's!

Dr. Suess Quote!
"The more you read, the more you'll know. The more things that you learn, the more places you'll go."

Purple & Gold!
WOW...what a great Friday!! As I was walking through our campus halls this morning I could not help but notice the Purple & Gold Nation at it's finest! Students, teachers, principals, and parents...all decked out with Bulldog colors! Go Dogs!

Hello Bulldog faithful and welcome back to another GREAT school year! I got to see many of our kiddos and parents at last weeks Meet the Teacher night...and got to see even more of you this morning. A quick howdy and hello to our new students and new staff members...welcome to Bulldog Country! Make it a GREAT Bulldog Day...the choice is YOUR'S!!

Back to School Thoughts!!
Is it truly a GREAT day to be a Bulldog? You betcha!! Now that August has arrived our parking lots, campuses, and classrooms are once again busy with teachers, staff members, and students preparing for the quickly approaching new school year. Teachers and front office staff are busy with preparations for the 22nd (first day of school!) and our teachers have already begun their Back to School trainings and meeting. The first day of school is just around the corner! Don't forget about next week's Meet the Teacher Night...come on out and meet your teachers for the school year. It's going to be another GREAT year!

Watch your thoughts...they become your words...
There are many different versions of the following quote. But regardless of which version you read, or who gets credit for the quote...I believe the intent of the saying has the same powerful impact! "Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. And watch your character, it becomes your destiny!" Make today a GREAT day...the choice is YOURS! Andy Baker

"Blessed is he that expects nothing..."
This past week one of our High School students stopped me in the hall and asked, "Mr. Baker, what is your favorite quote?" Apparently she and her friends had recently been discussing their favorite quotes, and this particular student wanted to add an 'older' point of view to the discussion. My answer was short and to the point, "my favorite quote of all time is from Benjamin Franklin...Blessed is he that expects nothing, for he shall always receive it." I really think this kiddo was expecting a song lyric, or a Nike commercial advertisement, but instead she got one of my underlying philosophies...if you expect nothing, you'll get nothing! My challenge to this student is the same one we share for all our students...challenge yourself MORE than your teachers challenge you...expect MORE from yourself than your parents expect from you. Our expectation of you is simple...we expect you to graduate from Edgewood ISD ready and able to seamlessly transition into the workforce or college...but know that this is only a fundamental step, the expectations YOU set for YOURSELF will determine how far you go!! PROUD TO BE A BULLDOG! - Baker

Homecoming Week!
Hello Bulldogs! Homecoming week is upon us and this week always brings a higher level of pride and appreciation for our students, staff, and community members. We have many activities and events planned for the week so be sure to check the district and campus calendars to make sure you don't miss out on all the fun! Major events to remind you about include Tuesday's High School Volleyball game against Quitman, Wednesday's (9/23) Homecoming Bonfire at 8:00pm at the city water tower, Friday's Pep Rally, and of course the Homecoming Festivities prior to the Football game verse the Commerce Tigers. Hope to see you there...GO DOGS!

Tomorrow's Success Begins Today!
Hello Edgewood Bulldogs! IT'S TIME BULLDOGS! The new school year is just one week away and your Edgewood ISD teachers and staff have been working diligently to get everything ready to go for the first day of school. Summer maintenance projects are finishing up, hallway floors are nice and "sparkly", and classroom bulletin boards are "looking good"!! All teachers and staff will officially return to work and begin their annual pre-school year trainings and meetings this coming Monday, August 17th. This year we are approaching the first day of school with the motto, "Tomorrow's Success Begins Today!". There's no time to waste...Edgewood knows that in order to be successful in the future, well planned ideas and solid foundations must be built TODAY! From all of us here at Edgewood's time! Time for the new school year, time to get back "into the swing of things", and time to begin preparing TODAY for TOMORROW'S SUCCESS!!! It is truly a GREAT DAY TO BE A BULLDOG!

Getting Ready for August!
Hello Edgewood ISD students, staff, and community! 

July has come and gone and now it's time to get ready for the upcoming 2015-16 school year! We've got lots of things going on between now and then and the first day of school will be here before you know it!

Here are a few reminders:
  •  middle school and high school athletic physicals are being offered for $15.00 on Friday, July 31st. HS boys - 1:00pm, HS girls - 1:45, MS boys - 2:30, MS girls - 3:15
  • high school band, football, volleyball, and cross country will begin workouts bright and early Monday, August 3rd...see your coach's info on the webpage for specific information
  • Meet the bulldog night...Thursday, August 20th following the Canton football at our Bulldog field
  • Monday, August 17...all teachers return to work! Whoop!!!
  • and...drum roll please....first day of school is Monday, August 24th! 

Have a great August and from all of us here at Edgewood ISD...Go Bulldogs!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
The time has finally arrived for this year's Senior class...Graduation day is almost here and EISD would like to say "Thank You" for a GREAT 4 years!!! Graduation is this Friday (June 5th)...High School Gymnasium...7:00pm. We are going to miss this year's graduating class, but we are appreciative of all you guys have done to maintain and expand the tradition Edgewood High School is known for! The EISD School Board hosted a hamburger faculty and staff luncheon on Monday, June 1st to say "THANK YOU" to all our wonderful teachers and staff members. Did you know? Our high school baseball team has advanced to the Regional Finals! They will play Pottsboro this Thursday for game 1...then play game 2 this Saturday, with game 3 (if needed) immediately following. Games will be at John Paull II High School in Plano. Please see our website main page for more information and directions. Go Bulldogs! Summer athletic camps. Please see our district's main page website for information concerning upcoming summer activities and athletic camps! Go to for more information. Hope everyone has a great last week of school! Andy Baker EDGEWOOD PROUD!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
EISD would like to congratulate this year’s Edgewood ISD Teachers of the Year! Melanie Gary, Edgewood Primary. Mrs. Gary began her teaching career with Edgewood ISD 7 years ago and has been here ever since! As a 1st Grade teacher for the Primary Campus, Mrs. Gary strives to, “be a positive role model for my students. I want to help them in their academic achievements and their social and emotional growth.I enjoy bringing enthusiasm, passion, and love to the lessons I teach.” Lydia Thornberry, Edgewood Intermediate. Mrs. Thornberry is a 4th Grade Writing and Science Teacher who has been with Edgewood ISD 15 out of her 16 years working in Education!!. “Teaching is about becoming part of someone’s life.It’s about learning and nurturing a life- long curiosity about the world and everything in it.” Howard Bell, Edgewood Middle School.Teaches 8th Grade American History and Middle School PE. In addition to driving both a morning and afternoon bus route, Mr. Bell also participates as the Maps/Graphs and Charts and US History UIL Academic Events Coach. With 18 years teaching experience, this is his 3rd year with Edgewood ISD. “The greatest reward for me in teaching is the student who tells me at the end of the year how they never liked History until they took my class.These are little things, but they mean the world to me.” Kassi Mays, Edgewood High School. Mrs. Mays holds a Master’s of Education Degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction and has been teaching for 8 years with the last 3 years being here in Bulldog Country! She is currently teaching both Biology and College Biology to our High School students. "Every year, I set goals for my students and for myself. My number one is to make a connection with every single student that walks through my door. Science, athletics, band, or just life... I'm invested in every single student!! I not only want to see them succeed and excel in my classroom, but in life. I love each and every one of my students and my goal is for them to know how much I love them by the end of the year." Also…the EISD School Board would like to thank Chuck Tull and Dan Sharff for their service as Edgewood ISD School Board Members. Your guidance and example have been a true gift to the students and staff of EISD. THANK YOU!! On a related subject…we’d like to welcome our two new School Board Members Paul Cates and Eric James. Welcome aboard gentlemen!! Andy Baker EDGEWOOD PROUD!

Monday, May 18, 2015
Congratulations to our two high school students that advanced to and competed in the state of Texas UIL State Track Meet! While we are proud of your athletic accomplishments for the Discuss, 2 mile, and 1 mile events...we are especially proud of the way you two represented your school and fellow classmates!! Way to go guys

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