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Jennifer Bass

4th Grade ELA


Field Trip March 12.

Writing STAAR Test will be Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Mrs. Bass' Daily Schedule

8:00 - 10:30 Class

10:30 -11:00 Intervention

11:30 - 12:00  Lunch

12:00 - 12:15 Recess

12:15 - 2:40 class

2:40 - 3:25 CONFERENCE




last updated October 17, 2019




week 22 - test March 6

baked liked skated amazed traded completed way  weigh

brake break friend view learn none says sure

week 21 spelling test 2/28/20

believe receive friend piece weigh height paws pause

stare stair beautiful trouble although later receive which

week 20 spelling test 2/21/20

dodge edge sign reign who what blew blue plain plane

favorite remember house they kept  goes

Week 18 - Test Feb 7, 2020

wring write knight knee doubt subtle aunt ant add ad

your guess attention my school goes

Week 17. Test January 31, 2020

movement quickly softly statement pavement quietly hi high

hymn him which beginning bought any none believe

week 16.  Test January 24, 2020

unused unpaid uncover undo unlike unfair flower flour

heard herd decided again been people was because

week 15:  test January 17, 2020

refresh replace restart review repeat redo

soar sore great grate believe together

none does use any

week 12:  test November 15, 2019

Pattern Focus:  suffixes - cian, -sion, -tion

musician        discussion   mission caption           action magician

nose               knows lets           let’s build               close

something many             than       only

week 11

Cried       emptied     stopped smiled texted        planned     its it’s

four               for easy              use used           they     my come

Week 10:  Test November 1

running            shopping smiling leaving            drawing texting knot            not tale           tail said            when that   goes            sure were   

Week 9:  Test October 25

planning      stepping loving     writing looking       drinking   rode road

sale          sail   people come   already          our then         they

Week 8:  Test October 18

people     wolves   days cities        brushes      porches to      two whole     

hole       than then      only school   were       once

Week 7:  Test October 11, 2019

children women men feet teeth mice there

they’re to too my our are goes was because

Week 6:  Test October 4, 2019

leaves    loaves shelves   knives halves selves    some sum their there   were school once just   saw other

Week 5:  Test September 27, 2019

keys    birthdays   monkeys babies   activities duties   see sea son sun   son saw    goes just    they because     many

Week 4: Test September 20, 2019

babies   stories    parties    cities    activities     bunnies     red    read   write     right     because     kept    was     sure     about     find

Week 3: 

tornadoes     churches     dishes     boxes     quizzes     glasses            know     no     one     won     always    find    other     many     they     could

Week 2:

cameras     hospitals       computers      buckets       books      cupcakes
hear      here      knew     new      many     sure     they    about
could     looked     better


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