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Special Topics in Social Studies/Research

I.          Geography of the World

Students will begin with an in depth look at our solar system and the make-up of the universe.  Students will also study and research the geography of the world through research and multiple map activities.  They will be required to know and interpret the continents of the world and descriptors of each of those continents.  Along with the knowledge and interpretation of continents, students will also be able to identify and analyze bodies of water, rivers, and mountain ranges throughout the world.

II.          US Government at a Glance

Students will be able to understand and analyze how the United States Government works and the election process.  A special emphasis on being involved and becoming a part of the democratic process will be given.  Students will be able to identify the parts of the United States Government, its origins, how the election process works and how to get involved.

III.           US History at a Glance

Students will be able to understand and analyze the history of the United States and its impact politically, economically, and socially on the world we live in today.  Students will also understand the importance of the geography of the United States and its impact on the countries around it throughout history.  Students will be able to identify and interpret eras in US History from 1877 to present day distinguish the importance of the eras in history.

 IV.           Research of History

Students will learn how to research historical topics.  They will learn the proper techniques of grammar and the use of MLA formatting for research purposes.  Students will learn skills that will facilitate learning through visual images that they create as well as learning through research and proper writing.  Students will also learn to formulate data from research found and be able to formulate a thesis and literature review.  With the use of cross curriculum studies, student will be able to use different methods of multimedia to formulate ideas and interpret data.

Time Line

Unit 1 Geography of the World (9 Weeks)

Unit 2 US Government at a Glance (9 Weeks)

Unit 3 Research (9 Weeks)

Unit 4 US History at a Glance (9 Weeks)

Grading System

Nine Weeks Average:

Daily Average will be 50% of the grade.

Test Average will be 50% of the grade.

Class Guidelines

Daily grades will be given throughout the course for various assignments including worksheets, lecture notes, participating in class discussions, group assignments, having necessary materials for class, quizzes, and journals.

Tests I reserve the right to give a test, at any time, over specific material, concepts, or ideas as we cover them:  I may elect to do this if I determine that proper attention and effort is not being given by an individual or class, or for any other reason that I deem necessary.   

Make Up or Late Work   Make up work and test will be given upon request.  Students must follow handbook procedures for make up or late work (1 day late is 30 points off, 2 days late is 50 points off, a zero after two days late).  A reasonable time will be given for make-up work.  

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