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Removal from a School Bus

Removal from a School Bus

A bus driver may refer a student to the principal’s office or the campus behavior coordinator’s office to maintain effective discipline on the bus. The principal or campus behavior coordinator must employ additional discipline management techniques, as appropriate, which can include restricting or revoking a student’s bus riding privileges. Since the district’s primary responsibility in transporting students in district vehicles is to do so as safely as possible, the operator of the vehicle must focus on driving and not have his or her attention distracted by student misbehavior. Therefore, when appropriate disciplinary management techniques fail to improve student behavior or when specific misconduct warrants immediate removal, the principal or the campus behavior coordinator may restrict or revoke a student’s transportation privileges, in accordance with law.

First Bus Offense=Office referral
Second Bus Offense = Office referral, warning to parent and detention
Third Offense = Removal of bus riding privilege for 3 days
Major misconduct will be handled at the principal’s discretion

Please contact the transportation department when there are changes in pick-up or drop-off locations, or if you have moved within the school district.

Thank You for helping EISD provide safe and efficient transportation for all eligible students.

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